Therapy Internship

internshipThe leadership board for Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. has approved accepting student interns for the 2017/2018 year (May 2017 - May 2018)*. This will be our 12th year of accepting interns.
  • This internship opportunity is being offered by Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. under the direction of Michael Sytsma, PhD.
  • This is a practicum/internship for those currently pursuing their masters degree, not for those who have graduated and are seeking hours toward licensure. (See note on bachelors level internship.)
  • Students will be registered with their respective school (i.e., Richmont Graduate University) for practicum/internship course during the entire time of their internship and follow the procedures required by their school for the course(s). While the bulk of interns are from Richmont Graduate University, we do accept interns pursuing degrees from other institutions.
  • This is a learning opportunity offered by Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. with the focus being the chance to learn therapy in a private practice setting that includes therapists for Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. (Sytsma, Wells, Willard, Carlisle, Leonard, Farnham, etc.). Students will interact with, and learn from all counselors in the practice while still having a primary supervisor.
  • Students are not charged for this position and the position is non-paid. Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. covers the cost of providing the intenship position (office rental, marketing materials, phone line/voicemail, office supplies, supervision, direction, etc.) which is in part covered by the counseling fees the interns collect. Interns receive the experience, training, and supervision (LPC/MFT) at no direct charge to them by Building Intimate Marriages, Inc.
  • Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. markets for the Christian marriage and sex therapy market. As such, the bulk of clients interns see will be couples seeking marriage and/or sex therapy from a Christian perspective though individual clients, and those seeking counseling for other issues will make up a  percentage of the client load. As such, a priority is placed on internship applicants who are pursuing training in marriage counseling and/or sex therapy.
  • Students understand they are responsible for:
    • Representing themselves as counseling or MFT interns of Building Intimate Marriages, inc. and students of their respective school at all times and conducting themselves in a manner that reflects such.
    • Developing paperwork required for working with clients (i.e., informed consent).
    • Marketing their counseling services and building a client load sufficient to meet the hour requirements of their respective courses. Building Intimate Marriages will refer clients to the interns, but these referrals may not be sufficient to meet the hours of client contact required. Interns must learn how to market themselves, and to develop, and maintain a client load. Building Intimate Marriages in no way assures students they will be able to obtain the client load necessary to meet their course requirements.
    • Maintaining all required paperwork including client files, financial records, contact hours, supervision hours, marketing contacts, and practice calendar as directed by their respective school's policy and BIM directives.
    • Meeting with BIM appointed supervisor weekly and director monthly (minimums).
    • Being available by phone for urgent care.
    • Putting in a couple hours each week of office work at Building Intimate Marriages (i.e., data entry, mailing, etc.). Previous interns estimate 10-15 hours per week (clients, supervision, direction, office hours, etc.) for this position.

We invite those considering applying to contact past students who have served as interns with Building Intimate Marriages.

Students wishing to apply for the upcoming internship position should mail a formal request to the Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. Board of Directors. This request should come in the form of a letter stating what they are applying for and why the board should choose them over the other qualified candidates that are applying. Students should also include a resume or C.V.. The application packet should be mailed to:
Board of Directors
Building Intimate Marriages, Inc.
1325 Satellite Blvd NW, Suite 1002
Suwanee, GA 30024
The board will review applications during January and February.* Interviews with selected students will be scheduled for mid to late February. The board will make a decision on who to offer the position to shortly after interviews are completed.
If you have further questions, feel free to contact Dr. Sytsma by email ( michael [at] intimatemarriage [dot] org ). Remember that your professionalism is evaluated on every encounter.

* Students needing internships that do not correspond with the May to May schedule are welcome to apply anytime during the year as there is an occasional opening outside the standard time frame. 
† Doctoral level students are invited to apply to explore requirements as we have had doctoral level interns in the past. We are exploring taking on one student needing internship for their undergraduate degree. This will be a different program and interested students should contact BIM directly to learm more about this opportunity.
‡ BIM has chosen both LPC and MFT track counselors (historically, evenly split between the programs). All interns have had some coursework in marriage counseling and in sex therapy.