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Sweet appetizer

My husband always comes home hungry from work and since dinner is not usually ready yet I decided that I would surprise him with a homemade treat - "just because I love him". I made homemade chocolate chip muffins and poured a big glass of milk, then put it out on the counter with the card as a sweet surprise when he got home.

Tax Prep

It's tax season and my husband usually handles all the details of getting the information together for the accountant. I spent about 3 or 4 hours at Kinkos and copied all the original receipts and invoices he needed for his meeting with the accountant. I left all the folders of receipts, etc. on his desk with the "Because I love you" card on top. Not very sexy but he felt loved!

Just say it...

My wife and I are not great with remembering the actual card; so, we improvised. Whenever we do something for the other just because we love them, we say, "This is my 'Because I Love You' card." It has helped both of us to realize how often the other person does something out of love.

On a funny note, my wife picked up the blanket we keep on the couch and folded it and put it up as a "Because I Love You" act. She had no idea I didn't even like this. It sparked more conversation about what we do and do not like.

A shift in heart

When Dr. Mike first assigned us the "Because I Love You" card, I honestly thought, "Oh good, this is a way to get my husband to do the things I always nag him about." I wanted to be the first to do something, maybe not for the right reasons. But as I held the card after it had been passed back to me, my attitude changed. I found myself pondering ways I could make my husband happy. That's when the purpose of the assignment clicked for me. In just two days of the challenge, I had gone from grumbling about what I "had to" do for my husband to really thinking about what "could I do to make him happy." (So far, in my case, it's been folding his clothes and making some breakfast burritos he can just warm up in the mornings.)

Make it safe...

My husband enabled my hands free to work again in my car so i don't have to use my cell. As soon as I get in the car with my phone it is activated so all calls go through the bluetooth. I haven't been using it since i got a new phone. We are trying to not use our phone at all, but this allows me to be hands free if i do need to take or make a call.

Cleaning his chariot...

While I was busy in our back yard trimming hedges and trees, my wife pulled my car into the garage and vacuumed out the interior.

I did not have to see the card on the console of the car to know that it had been cleaned, but seeing the "Because I Love You" card, which we have been using consistently since receiving it at the Passionate Intimacy Workshop two weeks ago, let me know just why it had been cleaned.

Maid Service

I have 2 ways my husband used the Because I Love You card.

1) He folded the toliet paper into a point (like the hotels when you first go into the room) after he cleaned the toliet and taped then he taped the card on the roll above the point and left it for me.

2) Another day, he laid out my bath towel and a wash cloth (and tried to fold the wash clothe in a fan) and left the card for me so it would be ready for my shower.

He leaves about an hour before I get up for work. So sweet!

Power up...

I check to make sure my wife's cell phone is plugged up to charge each night.

She often forgets to plug it in and since we don't have car chargers yet I know she might get caught away from home with a dead battery. When I find she forgot to charge it I plug it in for her and place the card on top of her phone.

She made a special trip to the pharmacy to pick up my prescritions so that I didn't have to make an extra stop on my way home. Since it takes me almost two hours to get home from work this was a great help for me!

Lighting up my smile

My husband changed a light bulb that was burned out over my sink in the bathroom. It's one of those things that I had been meaning to do and hadn't gotten around to it yet. He taped the BILY card to the fixture. It was a little thing but it made me smile.

Fill her up...

My husband had to use my car to take our daughter to school one morning. The next time I got in the car, the "because i love you" card was on my dashboard. When I removed it, I noticed that my tank was on full. It was a very pleasant surprise.

Fridge Food

My husband works late some nights and comes in after midnight. He often comes in hungry and has to heat up left-overs or scrounge up a snack. I created a meal that was meant to be served cold including pinwheel sandwiches, gourmet cheese and crackers and sliced pears with sugar. I decorated the plate and left it in the fridge for him with the card on top. He loved it and talked about it the next day.

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