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Do a Couple Checkup™

A great place to start in improving your marriage is by taking a quick assessment of your relationship. We have our teeth, eyes, general health, even our cars receive regular check-ups. When is the last time you had a check-up of your marriage?



The Couple Checkup™ Process:

  1. Take the online Couple Checkup assessment
  2. Pring your 17-20 page Couple Checkup Report
  3. Review your results with your partner
  4. Print your free 25-page Discussion Guide
  5. Gain insight, learn new skills, grow your relationship

Results are private and only available to you and your partner. You'll receive a 17-20 page computer generated Couple Report with your results broken down into relational categories. The content of the assessment and Couple Report will be customized for your unique relationship stage and family structure. You will also receive an extensive Discussion Guide designed to help you discuss your results and learn new relationship skills.

Spread the word. Encourage your friends to give it a try.



This is a great Working Date exercise!