Low Cost Ideas

Walmart Date

We went to Walmart and each had $5 to buy each other something cute, or silly, or romantic & then over dinner we gave each other our gifts and shared why we picked it out.


Playing Out-of-Town

When we were first married (20 years ago), we found often ourselves consumed by full-time careers, weekend obligations, church responsibilites . . . and not much expendable cash! We started "playing out-of-town." This was before answering machines, so we would announce to those who needed to know that we were going to be out-of-town for the weekend. We made arrangements for our church responsibilities to be covered in our absence... and then we'd stay home! We ate potato chips and played Rummy, cooked our favorite meals (whether they were good for us or not!) and didn't answer the phone. Three years later, we had a baby who didn't go along with the "pretend to be out-of-town" program, so she got carted off to Grandma's now and then (again, just as she would have if we were actually going out of town!) Our home has always been our favorite place to be, whether we were living in Atlanta or, as now, on a resort island off the coast of North Carolina. It's still our favorite "fundate locale!"

Trivia Night

Barnacles near Gwinnett Place Mall has a trivia night on Monday nights. You can go in there and order dinner, watch the ball game and play trivia. To particiapate in trivia is free. It starts at 8pm and usually is done by 10pm. It is a good idea to get there early to get a seat. Have some dinner and some fun.

Share Your Story!
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