Grace Workshop CD

I recently audio taped one of the Grace in Marriage seminars so you can go through the workshop at home. In many ways, this is my favorite marriage talk. To go through the workshop at home, just purchase the package here. You will receive a CD of the talk and two workbooks. You and your spouse can listen to each part of the workshop. Pause the tape when instructed and do the exercise in the workbook. While most couples do this seperately, you can work through it together if you prefer.


GRACE CD PackageThe Critical Role of Grace in Healing and Growing Marital Intimacy

CD and Workbook

This is an audio CD of Dr. Mike presenting one of his favorite talks – The Critical Role of Grace in Marriage. This hour CD also includes a workbook for each spouse to help you apply the points of this talk.

Cost - $15.00 plus shipping*


Once you are done, return here and let us know what you think.