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Codependency Therapy Group

Building Intimate Marriages is excited to offer:

Overcoming Codependency Therapy Group

Courage for Women Who Don’t Feel Heard

This 8-week therapy group is tailored for women who struggle to have a voice in relationships, who desire to find greater strength in themselves, and who seek healing from the damages of codependency. Guided by skilled therapists, participants will be welcomed into a confidential and caring environment, designed to foster meaningful connections with others facing similar struggles.

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Licensed Counselor Needed

Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. announces the immediate opening for a Licensed Counselor/Therapist to join our team.

Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. (BIM) is a team of clinicians (LPCs, LMFTs, Associate Counselors/Therapists, and Interns) as well as administrative support, who are passionate about helping clients use current conflicts and struggles as means for personal growth. Established in 1998, BIM is a non-profit relationship focused ministry based in North-East Metro Atlanta. We provide a number of counseling services, including marital conflict, affair recovery, sexual dysfunction, porn and sexual addiction, sexual trauma and abuse, premarital, marriage and sexual enrichment and other related issues. Our team has a strong relationship with, and receives referrals from, local churches and businesses, as well as past and present clients.

We are looking for a licensed clinician (LPC, LMFT, LCSW, or LP) who seeks to join a vibrant team that will support their passion for counseling. BIM offers administrative support (office, scheduling, book keeping, and marketing), which allows our counselors to focus on what they enjoy doing most – helping clients. All staff members are hired as employees of Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. and receive a percentage of the receivables they generate plus benefits. In addition to licensure (or license eligibility) in the State of Georgia, an applicant must be able to show specialized training and experience in working with our target demographic (marriage and sexuality). While not required, special preference will be given to applicants with related certifications (i.e., sex therapy, sexual addictions, specific marital models, etc.).


Client Care Coordinator Needed!

Updated 11/15/2017

Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. ( announces the opening of the position of Client Care Coordinator.

This is a critical role in our ministry. The Client Care Coordinator essentially works for our clients to ensure their path to receiving help is as smooth as possible. As such, they must have deep care for people, love creating a warm environment for guests, provide the highest level of confidentiality, and be able to manage details well. This position involves setting a welcoming tone in the office, answering the phone, assisting callers in identifying the best counselor for them, scheduling appointments, and assisting with payments.  Would prefer someone with event management experience but not required.

The details are...


Foreplay survey - what you like

like bannerA special "thanks" to everyone who responded to the survey on foreplay and arousal a couple weeks ago (see here). We had almost 400 people respond in less than a week.

For those who missed the survey, it posed questions related to foreplay in martial sex. The focus was on activity during the arousal stage of lovemaking (time and types of behavior). In requesting you complete it, I promised to provide results of the survey. Due to the method I used to collect the data, the number crunching will take some time, but I do want to provide some early findings.

One of the questions I asked was, "Please list the top three things that typically contribute most to your increased arousal." I took all your answers, compiled them into a list, and plugged your words into a frequency cloud generator. The image below is a graphical representation for the frequency of words used. 

Clearly, the most common word utilized to describe preferred arousal activity was kissing. Since many respondents answered with “deep kissing”, the word deep is also a high frequency word (this program counts words, not phrases). Touching and caressing were also high in number. Other frequent words included body parts people wanted to have kissed, touched, or caressed (on them or their spouse). I also loved how often people responded with “play” as an answer.

While the list focused heavily on touch and physical sensations, verbal types of answers , such as talking, telling, and words, were also prominent. The words which appear too small to read were descriptive words used when an answer had more descriptive information in it (i.e., slowly, lightly, soft).

 There were also words and phrases noticeably absent. Words like pornography, erotica, role play, and toys, for example, were very rarely mentioned. It remains unknown whether these were not listed because they are simply not part of arousal activities used by the individuals who responded, they are not part of the “top three” arousal behaviors, or perhaps respondents were not comfortable listing them.

Looking over other parts of the survey, you provided good information (i.e., over 70% of you said your spouse knows what arouses you). I look forward to sharing the remaining results with you once all data is processed. Stay tuned.

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We Moved to a new office!

We have moved!


Effective March 30th, Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. moved it’s office from Suite 102 in The Gates at Sugarloaf to Suite 1002 in the same office park. While we only moved about three buildings down (from Building 100 to Building 1000), our new office is larger and, we believe, a much nicer space. Additionally, we changed landlords and decreased our rent by about 25%.



We invite you to schedule a time to swing by and check out the new place. For now though, please update our contact information in your files. Click the link below to download a vCard of our new information.


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