Nurturing Intimate Marriages Workshop


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What it is... 

This is the premiere workshop for Building Intimate Marriages. It is essentially the cream of Michael's 20 years of marriage work rolled into eight hours. This workshop is not "marriage lite". Couples are challenged to see marriage as the discipleship tool that it is and to embrace the journey of growing up in their marriage. Yet, the value of the workshop doesn't end on Saturday night. Each couple receives 2 workbooks filled with exercises they can do at home long after the workshop has ended. 

While this is the typical schedule, this workshop is quite flexible so we can adapt it to your needs.


   Friday Evening

(Typically 5:30p - 7:30p followed by a dinner date)

  • Introduction
  • Skills for renewing passion
  • Dinner date (couple goes out to eat together with assignment from the workshop)


        (Typically 9:00a - 4:00p with an assignment over lunch)

  • Married in HIS Image - God's Design for Marriage.
  • Can You Hear Me Yet? - Keys to Effective Communication for Couples
  • The Critical Role of Grace in Marriage
  • Sexual and Spiritual Intimacy: Taking Your Marriage all the Way



My husband and I recently attended your workshop at West Ridge Church (April '08) and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We've been married 4 years - and while we don't necessarily have big issues to work on, we both could improve in some areas. With our busy lives and events going on we have not made enough time to focus on studying what we learned, but we are using some of the ideas you mentioned.  The Because I Love You card has been a HUGE hit. It is really fun to see what he's going to do next and for me to think of different things to do for him. ... Just wanted to send a quick "thanks" for your ideas.  We are really enjoying them. God bless you.


I've been to a lot of marriage workshops and I've never heard anything like this! Not your typical fun and fluff, your teaching was practical, unique and hard hitting. Thanks.


  • The cost to couples depends on what the sponsoring church or organization charges. A typical cost would be about $125.00 per couple and includes session fee, materials fee, snacks/drinks, and a comfortable facility.
  • The cost to the sponsoring group to bring in Dr. Mike and Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. includes all travel expenses, a per couple materials charge ($15.00), and the speaker fee (which can be a set fee or a per couple fee). Please contact Dr. Mike if you are interested in sponsoring a Nurturing Intimate Marriages workshop.