P. Monique Wells, MA, LPC

mwellsDoes a person’s name mean anything?  Born in Newfoundland Canada, the name Monique (advisor or counselor) foreshadowed a journey she would take toward a profession of helping others experience hope and healing.  After being married in 1993 an accident suddenly changed the course Monique was on. It was during this interruption to normal life that God called her to the role of “counselor,” a calling that led her to the U.S.A., and eventually onto the staff of Building Intimate Marriages.

In 1996 Monique and her husband Grant, a New Zealander, moved to Orlando, FL where she graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary with a Masters in Counseling.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor she has developed a passion for marriages and relationships.  One of her greatest joys is to come alongside a couple in crisis and be used by God to bring healing and restoration. Her journey has brought her many opportunities to further her education and experience with marriage and relationships. In 2006 they moved to Rome to join the adjunct faculty of WinShape Marriage Retreat and for Monique to partner with Battlefield Ministries. At the retreat she is able to be more proactive with marriages teaching and encouraging them to be healthy and vibrant. On the other end of the spectrum Monique is also a lead therapist with National Institute of Marriage in their intensive program which is designed for couples experiencing significant marital distress.

In 2013, the Wells family relocated to Northeast Atlanta. Monique has begun her specialized training with the Institute of Sexual Wholeness, and joined in ministry with Dr. Michael Sytsma. She continues as a therapist with NIM, and still enjoys teaching with WinShape Marriage.  As a marriage therapist it is her passion to walk with people in crisis, and journey with them to places they never imagined possible. God’s healing is an integral part of her ministry as it was His anointing that gave her the confidence and will to step into this specific ministry.

Monique and Grant were married in 1993 and have two beautiful daughters, Emma Clare and Phoebe. She is a fully invested wife and mom, and understands the pressures of balancing home life and work. As a family they love to travel back home to Newfoundland and New Zealand where daily living is surrounded by the sea, which explains their passion for any activity on, in, or around water.  Monique enjoys running as the sun rises, volunteering at school, and cooking for her friends and family. The Wells family make their home in John’s Creek, but their greatest joy is creating new memories which add an American twist to a heritage which started many miles from here.