Sadé Ferrier

I saw the damage of relational wounds long before I could name them.

It looked like broken trust: partners closed off in frustration, houses becoming silent. It looked like cultural division: feeling inferior to other races or ethnicities, being confused about self-identity when my societal label was “non-white” (I am a Jamaican and first-generation American). And, too many times, it looked like individuals silently and solitarily carrying secrets of sexual abuse or dysfunction - too ashamed to reveal the truth to those closest to them.

Fascinated and emboldened by the wounds of broken attachment, cultural experience, and sexual shame, I knew that I wanted to fulfill the role of sitting alongside you in the areas that may be unnerving to speak about.

After attending the University of Georgia and graduating with a mixed major focusing on human development/family sciences and advertising, I pursued my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. During this time, my focus was largely on the integration of attachment theory, cultural sensitivity, and sex therapy into the therapeutic experience. I am working towards certification as a therapist specializing in trauma and sex therapy.

Should we partner together in helping you (and your significant other) explore options for the future, you can expect a calming environment. We will not probe areas that you are not ready to address; however, I will
encourage you to take risks, embrace vulnerability, and begin speaking the words that are hardest to say. Expect also to laugh, engage in candid truths, and work on building a more hopeful future.

If any of my following specialty areas resonate with you, let’s meet to discover what comes next:

  • Identity formation
  • Women’s concerns
  • Premarital couples (seeking to learn more about sex in marriage)
  • Sexual trauma
  • Difficulty “opening up” to partner / attachment difficulty
  • Interracial/multiracial relationships
  • Adolescents recovering from parental divorce
  • Infidelity
  • HIV/AIDS diagnosis
  • Increasing sexual enjoyment


…. or anything else you are ready to explore