Praise for the Passionate Intimacy Workshop

The following comments are from those who have attended the Passionate Intimacy Workshop in the past.

Wow! How do I begin to express my gratitude for the Passionate Intimacy seminar. It was an experience I will never forget as the grace and truth of God’s heart concerning sexual oneness was revealed. I have been on a quest for Truth in this area for years through prayer, books, counseling and anything I could find to get God’s perspective on what He intended for this sacred subject within marriage. The world has got it totally wrong and I’m afraid the church is also very confused. Satan has so consumed our society with lies regarding sex it’s hard to get a clear picture of what we, the Church, should look like. If we don’t know, how do we teach our children? But finally I heard God’s heart and perspective on the subject and it all began to make sense! Thank You!

This message needs to be shared with the church. It was so complete; based on God’s works and context, exposing the world’s deception, clinically factual with research and data, and personally practical addressing the sexual needs in a marriage relationship.

Despite what the culture says, sex has always been a very personal and private, almost holy thing to me. Because of this, sorting through the issues in my marriage has been the most tender and deepest soul searching I have ever done. Much I have found extremely frustrating!

As you shared and educated us in truth and the rain outside gently fell it was as if the Holy Spirit was gently washing out the old and cleaning and filling me with new - healing my brokenness. So much began to make sense like never before.

I will be prayerful for you and the ministry. I know Satan doesn’t want this info shared within the church but it must. Too many families are being destroyed because of the perversions in society. My perspective was so twisted and I was seeking Truth in the church!

I could ramble on and on struggling to share all God did and still not express it but I want to say Thank You!!! ...

name kept confidential

I just want to thank you because my husband said this morning - “Wow, he has explained just in this morning what you have been trying to explain to me for years!”

This workshop has been a real answer to prayer and a new beginning for intimacy in our marriage!

Thank You!

(married 16 1/2 years)
attended the “Passionate Intimacy” workshop

I wanted to put in writing our gratitude for the excellent job you did in speaking to our Huntington College students during the Relationship Week chapels. You presented the topic of sexuality in a way that helped us appreciate God’s compassion towards us. Often this topic is presented so that the audience is left to feel guilty about having normal sexual desires, instead you helped us feel “the heart of God” through His gift of sexuality. Your talks seemed to liberate students so that they wanted to understand and explore their sexuality in a healthy manner. In fact, I and several other staff heard comments from many students that the talks were very helpful and led them to open discussion about sexuality.

... I had concerns that this topic could not be presented in a helpful and respectful way to a conservative audience in our large chapel settings of 500-650 students. However, you did it successfully by carefully choosing appropriate words combined with both your clinical experience and a clear understanding of scripture related to God’s design for sexuality. The campus pastor stated that he was very pleased at both the manner you approached sexuality and your content. ...

Again, thank your for the time and effor you put into your talks here at Huntington College.

David Kiningham
Huntington College, Huntington, IN 

 "A special thanks for all you did in Tampa. The workshop was a special blessing in many ways, especially seeing your heart to help the Bride of Christ with her sexuality."
Joe H.

"We were encouraged that we weren't alone as a Christian couple struggling with intimacy."
L. & J.

"The homework and discussion starters were so much fun. We needed the encouragement and structure."
H. & D.

"This workshop started us really talking again. We reconnected!"
S. & L. 

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