Such Were Some of You: Testaments to Sexual Transformation

Each year, the General Board of Superintendents of The Wesleyan Church hold a symposium on doctrinal issues. In 2010, the topic was "Wesleyan Perspectives on Human Nature: Perfect, Flawed, and Redeemed". They graciously invited me to present a paper on Sexual Transformation.

The question they asked me to address was:

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Viewed from the perspective of creation, carnality, and consecration,
what was human nature intended to be, what happened to this ideal,
and can people be transformed sexually?

I titled my paper "Such Were Some of You: Testaments to Sexual Transformation" and took a John 9 approach of telling stories of God's transforming power. The paper identifies God's design for sexuality, how it has gone wrong, barriers to sexual transformation and some points on how sexual transformation occurs.

Several people have asked me about this paper. You are invited to read the paper through this link (PDF format of the paper). When done, I'd love to hear your comments. Use the Contact Us form to send them in. I hope to post some to this page.