Dr. Mike published in Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity journal

Dr. Sytsma and one of his student's - Jenna Riemersma - had an article on rapid onset sexual addiction and the impact to a new generation published in a recent issue of Sexual Addictions & Compulsivity, a professional peer reviewed journal.
In the article, Riemersma & Sytsma argue that due to the Three C's of chronicity, content, and culture, we are seeing the rise of a new subset of sex addicts. While a "classic" sex addict developed over time with a typical foundation of trauma and/or abuse, a "contemporary" sub-type of sex addict is different. Largely due to the intensity of stimulation available online, some, especially young people, are developing a rapid onset sexual addiction without the foundation of classic types of trauma. The trauma for them is the exposure and fall-out of their rapidly developing addiction.
While the published article is only available by subscription or purchase (click image or here), as an author, Dr. Sytsma is allowed to post a copy of the final accepted version. You can read the submitted article by clicking on this link.


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