Support the team...

Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. is about doing just that - building intimate marriages. If you share even part of our passion, we invite you to join us in this mission.

There are three ways you are invited to support us.

1. Referrals
The first way you can support our team is by regularly referring your friends, family and acquaintances to our services. Tell them about the workshops, encourage them to drop by our web site, and give them our number when they need counseling. In other words, join our marketing team and help spread the message.

2. Financial Support
Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. is supported by the financial contribution of those who believe in marriage and the work we do to support marriages. We are structured as a nonprofit charity so donations to Building Intimate Marriages are tax deductible like other charitable donations. Without your financial gifts many couples might never have been touched by this ministry.

  • For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about contributing click here.
  • If you would like more information, or to hear about specific projects you might like to help underwrite please give us a call at 770-822-4505.
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3. Pray
Those who pray for the ministry are some of the most important members of the team. We ask that you pray for:

  • The ministry - that God will direct the growth and direction
  • Dr. Sytsma and our counselors - that God will give them the wisdom and strength needed as they work with couples and individuals.
  • Marriages - that God will give them hope for the future, direction for today and the ability to see the vision God has for their marriage and the wisdom to stive for it.