Contribution FAQ's

Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. is supported, in part, by the financial contribution of those who believe in marriage and the work we do to support marriages. Without your financial gifts we would not be able to help the couples who are touched by our ministry.

This page is designed to answer your questions about giving to Building Intimate Marriages. Please let us know if you have other questions. Go to this page when you are ready to give.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Building Intimate Marriages, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry and registered as a charity in the State of Georgia (like your church or other charities). Therefore your financial gifts are tax deductible just like the offering you give to your church or gifts to other charities. This allows you to help a valuable ministry and reduce your taxes. You will receive a receipt from us in January detailing all the gifts you gave during the previous calendar year.

How is my gift used?

Broadly, your gift is used to help us pursue the vision God has given us. More specifically, you can choose to contribute to two funds.

General Fund

This fund is used to provide the monies needed to pursue our vision. The fees we charge for our services provide our staff with an income and cover the bulk of our operating expenses. The development of additional services, consultation with pastors and church leaders, many speaking engagements are all made possible by donations.

Second, many of the projects we dream of doing require up front monies that are currently not available. Contributions to this fund enable us to more actively pursue video production, a host of marriage resources for the web, additional products designed to strengthen marriages, and some other real creative ideas we're excited about. But we can't pursue them without your support.

Scholarship Fund

Our scholarship fund allows us to provide therapy to couples who need therapy or workshops but are unable to afford our already low fees. It also allows us to provide therapy to full-time Christian ministers for a fraction of the cost. Building Intimate Marriages provided over $10,000 in scholarship toward counseling in 2014. Giving to the scholarship fund is a great way to support our ministry and to help other couples. Let us know if you would like your scholarship monies to be used for specific groups (i.e. people from your church) so we can talk about these possibilities.

"We're not sure our marriage would have survived the stress of our financial crisis if counseling hadn't been available. Special thanks to those who helped us afford counseling by giving to the scholarship fund. Our marriage and family is one who benefited."

Does my gift pay Dr. Mike's (or someone else's) salary?

It is important to us that your gifts not pay staff salaries. Building Intimate Marriages' employees raise their own income. Dr. Mike and the other counselors currently raise their salaries through counseling income. Your gift goes to the general (advancing our ministry purpose) or scholarship fund (to underwrite therapy for those who cannot afford it).

I have further questions, where can I get answers?

We believe we are stewards of the resources God has provided to us. Just as we are responsible to God to use your gifts wisely, you are responsible to God to where you give those gifts. Please feel free to call, write or email us with any question you might have. We want you to be comfortable with the gift you give and how it will be used.

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