Teaching Topics

The following topics are provided as sample topics for your class or group. Seminars, classes, workshops, and retreats can include these or custom topics. Teaching times can range from 1 hour to several hours. Formats might include lecture or a blend of lecture and activities. Focus can be tailored to Christian couples or for outreach to neighborhood couples. Please feel free to talk with us about your special needs or wishes. Topics and format can be adjusted to fit your needs.

  • Falling in Love Again
  • Qualities of a Great Lover
  • The current state of marriage *
  • How marriages grow and die *
  • God's Vision for your Marriage
  • Keys to a growing marriage *
  • Marriage Killers and Thrillers
  • Gender differences in marriage
  • Communication in marriage *
  • Conflict resolution skills *
  • Commitment *
  • Forgiveness *
  • Anger management *
  • Money in the Christian Marriages *
  • Enhancing Sexual Intimacy *
  • Developing Spiritual Intimacy *
  • Parenting
  • Affairs - Protecting your marriage
  • Affairs - Rebuilding your marriage
  • Guarding yourself sexually
  • Scripture speaks to marital sex
  • Sexual Fact and Fiction
  • Problem solving common sexual roadblocks
  • Understanding sexual desire in marriage

Costs to provide a course include speaker's travel and necessary meals/lodging as well as a fee designed to cover the time invested by our ministry. Every effort is made to make all costs as reasonable as possible. Please us call for details.

* Topics marked are included in the Nurturing Intimate Marriages Workshop.
** Topics are included in the Passionate Intimacy Workshop.