Brief Consultations


Do you have questions about sex?


Are you looking for a trusted, confidential, and convenient source to provide you with answers?
Look no further...


Building Intimate Marriages now offers brief consultations with certified Christian sex therapists. These brief office visits last 15 minutes, allowing you to ask questions about sexuality in a professional and private setting, without requiring the same financial and time commitments of traditional therapy.


We are able to answer questions regarding:

  • Marital Sexuality
  • Single Sexuality
  • Issues with Desire
  • Issues with Arousal
  • Issues with Orgasms
  • Theology of Sexuality
  • and many other related topics


Currently, brief consultations are provided by Dr. G. Corey Carlisle.
The current cost is $35.00 for the 15 minute session. 


Give us a call and schedule your office visit today.