Group Therapy

Research has shown group therapy to be the most effective type of therapy for some issues. Building Intimate Marriages is proud to offer the following groups. Feel free to contact the office for additional information.

Scary Close Men's Group

Building Intimate Marriages is excited to offer:

Scary Close

Create Authentic Masculine Community

Most men have a desire for deeper relationships but are often confused at how to create these relationships in a way that is uniquely masculine. This group is for men ready to overcome this confusion and move beyond the shallow safety of ordinary relationships. These men will discover the freedom that comes from true acceptance and the power to boldly influence their life and relationships.

Deeper Relationships    Uniquely Masculine     True Acceptance


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Therapy Group for Spouses of Sex Addicts

Facing Heartbreak: Hope and healing for partners of sex addicts

groupBuilding Intimate Marriages is pleased to offer Facing Heartbreak - a 14-session therapy group tailored for women who have been negatively impacted by their partner’s sexual behaviors. 

Participants will be welcomed into a confidential, supportive, and caring environment designed to help partners of sex addicts find healing from the impact of sexual betrayal, and become equipped to move forward with wisdom and hope.  Over the course of 14 weeks, two female therapists will guide participants through weekly sessions combining learning, processing, and support.