Marriage Therapy

Our primary focus in counseling is in providing marriage counseling and marriage therapy. We are passionate about helping marriages grow. We utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques from the marriage and family therapy field that have been shown to be beneficial to growing great marriages.

We Work With

  • couples seeking to grow great marriages
  • couples struggling with sexual issues in their marriage
  • couples struggling to keep their marriage alive
  • couples in crisis due to affairs, addiction, seperation, etc.
  • couples who have already divorced and want to explore reconciliation

Common problems addressed in counseling:

  • Communication
  • Affair recovery
  • Sexual problems and conflict over sex
  • "Falling out of love"
  • Control/anger/violence
  • Resolving baggage from the past
  • Parenting issues
  • Depression, anxiety and other emotional issues in marriage
  • Addiction
  • Finance/money issues
  • Trust and forgiveness
  • And many more...