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As the world continues to open back up, we want to inform you of our current office practice. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to our Client Care Coordinator or your individual counselor.

We are vaccinated.

Professional Counselors and Therapists were included in the first round of vaccines in the state of Georgia. As such, all our clinical staff in our office are fully vaccinated.

Consistent with current CDC Guidelines (5/1/21), we encourage you to wear a face covering when in our waiting area.

Masks are optional during sessions. Our current default is to not wear a mask during therapy. Please let your counselor know if you prefer a mask during session. 

Online sessions are always available if you prefer or are experiencing any symptoms or are in quarrintine.

Staying safe when visiting our office

The following email was sent to the Building Intimate Marriages contact list on 3/15/2020. The information remains current.

We are counselors because we care.

We care about your hopes, fears, loves, losses, joys, sorrows, wounds and triumphs. We are honored to have the privilege of walking beside you in life.

We share your concerns about COVID-19. Having children home from school, spouses home from work, concern for family members, and overall increased vigilance can exacerbate or spark a host of personal and relational issues. We know how to help and are working to be available to you.

Like you, we are monitoring official recommendations as COVID-19 advances in the US. Here is our current plan.

1. We are staying open to serve you.

We have no plans to close the office. Individual counselors will vary in their availability, but our plan is to remain open. As we meet individually or with an individual couple/family, it will be easy to maintain recommendations for social distancing while still providing care for you.

2. We are taking extra effort to keep the office disinfected.

We work hard to keep the office safe, including from infection. Our office is professionally cleaned every week. Every year during flu season we stock up on hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes and use them regularly. This year has been no exception, but we are even increasing our vigilance.

  • We have a good supply of hand sanitizer you are welcome to use in addition to the soaps and paper products in our restrooms.
  • Surfaces that are regularly touched are disinfected many times a day (i.e., door handles, credit card machines).
  • We have verified that our stock of EPA approved medical grade disinfectants destroy the COVID-19 virus and will be using these regularly.
  • For those of you who are fans of aromatherapy, we are spinning up our dry diffuser with oils our consultant recommends.
3. Our illness cancellation policy remains in effect.
  • We ask that you cancel your appointment if you are ill or believe you might be contagious. Even if it is last minute. Just give us a call and leave a message.
  • Late cancellations do not incur a fee when they are due to personal illness or illness of a family member for whom you are the primary caregiver (i.e., your child).
  • If we believe we are ill or contagious we will cancel the session and notify you as soon as possible.
4. We are expanding our services to offer online counseling.

Our counselors have been trained in providing online counseling. We believe this is a perfect time to expand our services to offer this option. Several of our counselors plan to offer online counseling, and we recommend you reach out to your counselor if you would like to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this counseling method. It might be the ideal approach for those times you can’t find child care but could benefit from a session.

Bottom line, we exist to serve you. We want to see you succeed in your counseling goals.

Please reach out to Alaina (our Client Care Coordinator) or your counselor if you have any questions. 

Dr. Mike and the BIM Team

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