Group Therapy

with Building Intimate Marriages

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful form of counseling. Depending upon the issue being addressed, it is typically less expensive and  more effective than individual or couples counseling. Unlike support groups, group therapy is led by one or more trained professionals who teach and guide the group processing. We believe in this form of counseling and invite you to give it a try.

Date Night

Explore what a unique date night experience could bring!

Fall into Relaxation Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness & Relaxation: Join a small group of individuals in guided exercises for relaxation and mindfulness.

Women’s Sexual Pain group

Research suggests at least 1 in 6 women experience unwanted physical pain during sex. Only 60% seek treatment but of those, 40% never receive an official diagnosis and 57% report either no change or a worsening of their pain since seeking treatment. If this sounds...

Facing Heartbreak

Building Intimate Marriages is pleased to offer Facing Heartbreak - a 14-session therapy group tailored for women who have been negatively impacted by their partner’s sexual behaviors. Participants will be welcomed into a confidential, supportive, and caring...

Scary Close Men’s Group

Building Intimate Marriages is excited to offer: Scary Close Create Authentic Masculine Community Most men have a desire for deeper relationships but are often confused at how to create these relationships in a way that is uniquely masculine. This group is for men...