New Couple's Group

offering a live phone/video based enrichment group to grow your marriage

Now scheduling couples for the
January-March 2019 group

Be a part of 4 – 5 couples in this intensive group
led by Dr. Mike and Christy.

Based on the feedback from SOAR! and a couple other speaking engagements, we have decided to offer a new service.

What: 3 month enrichment group for couples

When: 9 sessions, roughly every other Wednesday evening (after bedtime for kids). Contact us for current dates.

Where: Online group. Couples will use video call in from wherever they are for each of the 90 minute group sessions.

Who: Couples who would like to take their physical/emotional intimacy to the next level. No major problems in sexual arena but seeking to improve and take things to the next level.

Commitment: To be a part of the group, couples must commit to investing a minimum of 2 hours per week into growing their marriage. You agree to call into every group and participate, and you agree to devote time to doing the homework between sessions.


Each week will cover a different aspect of marital sexual intimacy. We will explore some truths about each aspect, discuss their implication, and then assign exercises to apply. Couples agree to do the assignments and be ready to provide feedback and questions for the next group meeting.  Time for spot coaching will be built into each of the calls.

Topics will be explored from a Biblical Christian perspective integrating the latest research and theory in sexuality.

  • What does great sex look like?
  • Understanding old messages.
  • Understanding sexual desire.
  • Resolving desire conflicts.
  • Who initiates? What?
  • When you aren’t in the mood.
  • Learning to draw your spouse in.
  • What is, and isn’t, ok in the marriage bed.
  • Enriching arousal.
  • Facilitating orgasm.
  • Basking in the event.
  • Setting the stage for the next encounter.

Group Leaders:

This group will be led by both Dr. Mike and Christy Christopher.

Christy and I are excited about this opportunity to walk closely with a handful of couples through this enrichment process. We are looking forward to seeing the change couples experience.
Dr. Mike

I’m Interested!

If you are intrested in you and your spouse being a part of this group, please contact us. We want to have a brief phone conversation with you to make sure the group fits into where you are at today.

Get started by filling out the following form. Christy will email you to set up a brief phone conversation to talk through the details of the group and make sure you are a good fit.

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  1. Lorrie Rogers

    Will you guys doing this again in the spring? I am interested but have a really busy last quarter.

    • Michael Sytsma

      Yes. You are on the list to be notified. We are working on dates for early 2019.

  2. Carrie Rice

    I am interested in this group. Can I please have the cost? I would be glad to take the survey and have a phone conversation.

    • Michael Sytsma

      Carrie – Thanks for your interest. You will hear from Christy soon with the information you need.

      • Pamela Bowden

        I would be interested in this information as well! That will be a large factor as to whether or not we can participate.


        • Michael Sytsma

          You will hear from Christy soon.

  3. Jenn

    interested in the 3 month marriage group

    • Michael Sytsma

      Jenn – Great! You should hear from Christy soon.


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