Building Intimate Marriages is pleased to offer Facing Heartbreak – a 14-session therapy group tailored for women who have been negatively impacted by their partner’s sexual behaviors.

Participants will be welcomed into a confidential, supportive, and caring environment designed to help partners of sex addicts find healing from the impact of sexual betrayal, and become equipped to move forward with wisdom and hope.  Over the course of 14 weeks, two female therapists will guide participants through weekly sessions combining learning, processing, and support.

Group members will learn how to:

  • Identify and cope with pain caused by deception and betrayal
  • Manage the emotional aftershock, including recurring fears
  • Develop skills for communication, boundaries, and self-care
  • Understand the stages of sexual addiction
  • Process trauma symptoms resulting from deception and betrayal
  • And much more…

Meeting Times and Location:

A new Facing Heartbreak group starts in the spring and the fall. Contact the office for details or to be added to the list.
Sessions are held in the group room at Building Intimate Marriages.


The cost is $50 per person for each 90 minute weekly session. Sessions are pre-billed at the beginning of the month.
There is an initial ($25.00) fee for the workbook, which will be provided at the first meeting.

To Register:

Please contact the Building Intimate Marriages office to express your interest in the group. Katherine (our Client Care Coordinator) will schedule an orientation session which will be a brief (20 minute) phone call with one of the group counselors. The orientation phone call is a requirement for participation.