Several of our counselors have chosen to provide in person sessions for those clients who need them. During the COVID-19 crisis, we thought we’d let you know a bit about keeping yourself safe if you choose to meet with your counselor in person.

First – Know that we are doing everything we can to keep the office a safe place for you. From the very beginning we have been using EPA approved disinfectants in our office. We use them regularly between sessions and are happy to share with you what we have done. We are trying to protect us, our families, you, and your loved ones.

EPA approved disenfectants

1.  Do not come to our office if you or someone you have been in contact with is showing the symptoms of COVID-19.

This probably goes without saying, but it is critical in keeping others (including your counselor and his/her family) safe.

2.  Please wash your hands with soap and water in our restroom immediately after entering.

We have hand sanatizer but your best defense is a thorough hand washing.

3. Monitor what you touch.

  • Let us serve you complimentary coffee/tea/soda/water. Just ask.
  • We will run your payment in a contactless way whenever possible.
    • The credit card on file in our scheduler
    • Apple Pay or Samsung Pay
    • Touchless credit cards

4.  Monitor distance in the waiting area.

We are scheduling such that there should never be more than a couple people in the office at a time, but monitor your spacing.


5.  If you wish, you may check in online and wait in your car. We will come wave at you when we are ready for you to come back to the office.

The QR code is posted next to our front door when you arrive. Open your smart phone camera, point it at the code and follow the instructions (or click on the button below). Once you are checked in, our software will let us know you are there.