Resources for Military and First Responder Spouses


This page is set up especially for those who were part of the Military Spouse Wellness Summit 2016…

…or listened to Corie Weathers Military Spouse Podcast.

Thanks for listening! I really hope you found something in the podcast encouraging and helpful. The following are seme selected resources discussed in the podcast (plus a few others) you might find valuable.

Intimacy Exercises

Reading Together – My top recommendations for couples to read together. Remember, the goal isn’t to get to the end of the book, but to use the material in the book as a foundation for discussion.

Additional book mentioned in the podcast for improving sexual intimacy:
Restoring the Pleasure by Cliff & Joyce Penner

Exploring Sexual Attitudes and Beliefs – This exercise should be completed alone first. Take some time to journal your answers and really think through them. Then, when both have finished, schedule a Working Date to follow the instructions and share with each other.

> Bonus Exercise – Sexual Communication – Since communicating about sex and sexuality is so critical, I put together a page and an exercise for couples. Have fun with it as you explore and create a language all your own.

> Advanced – Passionate Intimacy Workshop – For a real enrichment opportunity, attend one of our Passionate Intimacy Workshops. This Friday evening – Saturday workshop has been proven to help married couples enrich intimacy in their marriage.

Affair Recovery

> Recommended Resources

• Torn Asunder by Dave Carder. There is also a workbook available for this book. (faith based)

• Unfaithful: Hope and Healing After Infidelity by Gary & Mona Shriver (faith based)

• Secrets to Surviving Infidelity by Scott Haltzman

• After the Affair by Janis Spring

Rebuilding Trust Video – Using the image of a “trust bucket”, Dr. Mike addresses rebuilding trust after a affair.

Check out our Passionate Intimacy Video Course

An online sexual enrichment course. Watch together (same location or different). Discuss and apply.

Needing help?

•  If you are in Georgia, we’d love to meet with you. Give our office a call. We often do multiple sessions in a row for those who travel long distances to work with Dr. Mike.
•  Attend a marriage intensive. I highly recommend the National Institute of Marriage 4-day intensive. This is a great program that facilitates the healing of many couples.
•  Get a good referral. Talk to your chaplain or a local pastor asking them for a trusted referral. Keep hunting until you find someone who helps you. (These tips mght help.)