Passionate Intimacy Workshop

Enriching sexual intimacy in married couples

What was your favorite part of the workshop?

We asked couples to comment on their favorite part of the workshop.
Here are some of their responses.

We’ve edited them only for spelling and they are in random order.

I loved the entire workshop. Every couple should take this no matter how long they’ve been married. 

The emphasis of pursuing the heart of my wife was most important to me.

The desire and arousal discussions was probably my favorite… much of that was new information to my husband and I.  Seeing the data was helpful and gave us a bit to discuss afterwards.

The best was how sex is about oneness.

Dr. Mike does a great job of handling sensitive subject matter with dignity and respect. My wife felt very safe and honored by Dr. Mike’s treatment of women through out the material presented. This is a very big deal.

The exercise in caressing my spouse’s hand for several minutes was a great experience in realizing how a loving touch can express such love.

The exercise in caressing my spouse’s hand for several minutes was a great experience in realizing how a loving touch can express such love.

This was our first marriage conference. Before we went my husband, a pastor, said “I hope I don’t have to talk about my feelings and sign a lame commitment card.” We were blown away by how in depth into the physiology Dr. Mike went. Also the counseling stories he shared were very powerful. We were both delightfully surprised by how excellent, biblical, and balanced the material and presentation were.

Just having a better understanding of my wife’s sexuality, desires, and heart is an awesome thing!

The open conversation in the differences between males and females was so helpful.  I’ve always told my husband that even though I don’t desire him all the time it’s not a sign that I don’t love him.  It was so encouraging to hear that I’m normal and to reassure my husband that I’m simply different than him.

I loved that desire was addressed in conjunction with nursing mothers of young children

After the workshop I felt like a burden had been lifted regarding desire levels amongst women and that the whole “needs of men” issue was discussed in that they should be warriors of God – handling their urges/desires rather than heaping that need/responsibility on their wives making them feel inadequate/responsible.

I have been buying into the lie that I’m not normal so I just can’t say enough how much I appreciate being told I am and it’s ok.

Letting my wife know that “sex is connecting for me” is not just a line to get her in the bedroom.

How Dr. Mike was able to talk about sexual things yet keep them professional and “holy”.

I liked the exercises we did that put us in touch with our spouses

I enjoyed the entire thing.  I think Dr. Mike is a Godly man and appreciate his treatment of this sensitive subject and his desire to help couples achieve a more Godly union.

Some of the specific differences between men and women in relation to desire, initiation, arousal etc.  The scientific data and studies were very helpful.

Husband says homework.  I like knowing I am normal.

Obviously the dinner date was great communicating with the wife.  It was great to hear a Christian perspective on sex rather than the garbage we are fed by others.

Dr. Mike explaining that my level of arousal is NORMAL for a woman and that the goal is not to make me more like a man!

The importance of oneness within a marriage. We often forget that in our culture and it was great to be reminded of the purpose of sex.

Dr. Mike is awesome and I appreciated that he gave two sides to many issues but allowed us to choose. He touched on important issues that will help make my 2 week old marriage start out well!

I fell in love with my husband all over again!!

Dr. Mike’s refusal to be legalistic or libertarian. What a great balance!

Realizing how much of a gift from God my wife is and how I can be a better husband and cherish her as a gift from God.

I believe this will help my marriage in a myriad of ways, both relationally and sexually, and I’m very grateful to have had the chance to gain that knowledge. One thing that struck me many times throughout this weekend was that I was not alone! Many, if not most, women felt the same way I did! It was comforting and affirming. It gave my husband and I PLENTY to talk about and I’m sure will continue to bring good changes on into the future. Thank you for having the courage to speak to a much needed topic in the christian community!

Dr. Mike, this is definitely your passion. Your knowledge, experience, and heartfelt desire to communicate truth came through in every word.

The conference spoke of a subject that is rarely discussed openly in a church atmosphere and addressed issues that Christians struggle with finding God’s will. Our typical place to turn is Hollywood and the media. It is nice that this conference allowed us a safe place to discuss such a personal topic.

We loved it. I think the homework on Friday night was one of our favorite parts. Allowed us to think about things we haven’t thought about in a long time.

We loved the whole thing- my husband is not a religious person so I was a little worried that he would block all the good information because of the “God” talk but it was done in such a non pushy way that he was able to enjoy the conference. Thank you!

The homework was very important. It helped to apply the teaching in a very meaningful way that helped to make it mine.

I loved the first date night. My husband and I have done this before but it was even more special at the retreat.

There were MANY great parts, but in today’s society I felt that contrasting culture’s message of sex against God’s message of sex was particularly good and vitally important. It’s heartbreaking to see how the blessedness of sex has become so distorted and twisted.I enjoyed the entire weekend.

I was not raised in the church, therefore only had the world view of sexuality. The shift in thinking away from “parts and techniques” to oneness was great. It makes so much sense to me.

The 12 steps of lovemaking and the difference in men and women’s desire were the two best parts. You gave a name to things that we were having trouble explaining to each other.

It was just amazing. I feel Dr. Mike did an amazing job explaining both men and women’s feelings.

Sitting next to my wife. We passed cute notes like school kids.