Luke Durain, MAT, PhD



  • PhD – Fuller Graduate School of Psychology – Clinical Psychology
    DissertationThe Effects of Divine Comfort and Divine Strain on Self-Efficacy and Positive Well-being Among Adolescents 
  • MA – Fuller Theological Seminary – Psychology
  • MA – Fuller Theological Seminary – Theology
  • BA – Biola University – Psychology

Specialized Focus:

  • Psychological Testing
  • Adolescents
  • Autism Spectrum and Neurodiversity
  • Marriage

Dr. Luke has a passion for empowering couples, individuals, and adolescents who desire healing and growth. Dr. Luke strives to provide a safe and compassionate space in order to promote greater insight, resilience skills, interpersonal effectiveness, and healing from emotional wounds. Dr. Luke is committed to honoring “the whole person” regardless of their past and present journey. This approach has allowed many people to feel comfortable with Dr. Luke as they explore matters of faith, sexuality, race, or Autism. He also has extensive experience helping couples navigate relationship difficulties as well as helping families or individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Dr. Luke has gone through rigorous doctoral training in clinical psychology, which included experience with psychological assessments, testing, and scientific research. This experience created a passion for assessing and working with individuals with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and Depression. Dr. Luke also holds a Master’s Degree in Theology, years of youth ministry in a Korean church, and experience providing therapy to church members, seminary students, and pastors. Dr. Luke has walked alongside people at many different places in their spiritual journey and listened with an open heart to stories of people from diverse racial backgrounds.

For many years, Dr. Luke provided in-home and in-class therapy to youth on the Autism Spectrum or with ADHD. He has walked alongside parents and youth as they encounter the day-to-day joys and struggles that may be common for the Autistic community. These experiences inform his current services of therapy, parenting skills, and psychological assessments for Autism, ADHD, and beyond.

As a marriage counselor, Dr. Luke draws from the Emotionally Focused Therapy & Imago Relationship Therapy approaches. His therapy style equips couples with healthy communication skills, addresses old conflict patterns, and fosters deeper levels of understanding and intimacy.

“Whether you are wrestling with relationship conflict, spiritual doubt, have had painful church experiences, or painful racial experiences, I believe your pain and voice matter. I also believe that healing and empowerment is possible, one gentle step at a time. I would be honored to walk alongside you.”

Dr. Luke grew up in Texas, enjoying soccer and reading. He flew cross country to California to study psychology, theology, and film making. He feels blessed to be married to a wife who shares his love for dogs and the show “Survivor.”

Dr. Luke’s Blogs

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