Rightpathing your Relationship

Enhance Your Marriage with RightPath®

Are you interested in enhancing your relationship with your spouse by learning more about your individual personalities?

Building Intimate Marriages is joining with RightPath® to offer a unique opportunity to a select number of couples.

For years, RightPath® profiles have been respected and recognized assessments for building teams – leading “individuals and organizations to align people, passions and positions to achieve maximum performance”. Recognizing there is no more important and powerful team than the marriage relationship, we have embarked on a project to research the usefulness of utilizing RightPath in marriage.

We invite you to explore this opportunity.

What is involved?
  • A 10 minute online screening. Both you and your spouse answer a couple of questions about your marriage.
  • A 15 minute instructional phone call with Micah Mabe, primary researcher.
  • You and your spouse individually spend about 45 minutes taking the RightPath® profiles.
  • About 2 hours with Micah Mabe reviewing the assessments and Rightpathing Your Relationship exercises.
  • You and your spouse will spend about 45″ completing an online questionnaire about your marriage and your experience with Rightpathing Your Relationship.
What is the cost?

While the RightPath® profiles and a qualified assessment typically have an appropriate professional fee, the fee is waived for research participants who agree to take part in each step of the process. (See “What is involved.”)

Where does it happen?

Complete the questionnaires and RightPath profiles online from wherever you would like.

The 2 hour feedback session will be held at the Building Intimate Marriages office in Suwanee, GA. (See directions here.)

Can the feedback be provided by phone or video?

If you do not have convenient access to our office, you will need to make travel arrangements or wait until the study is completed. To keep the research consistent, feedback will only be provided in our office.

After the research is complete, it is likely the assessment will be made available by phone or video session.

Who provides the feedback?

Micah Mabe, MS is the primary researcher on this project and will be providing the feedback. Micah is a graduate of Richmont Graduate University and has been providing feedback and leadership training for RightPath® for several years.

Additional questions?

If you have other questions, we’d love to hear them. Please give us a call (770.822.4505 ext. 131) and leave a message for Micah. You can also email him through the sign-up form below. If you have questions/concerns for Dr. Mike, please call the main office number.

About RightPath®

Rightpath® profiles are Behavioral Assessments that are one of a kind. They help establish an objective approach to communication, conflict, and relationship dynamics. Unlike other assessments that evaluate one’s personality contextually, or based on learned (not hardwired) behavior, Rightpath assesses instinctive, natural behavior driven from innate personality characteristics. Instead of saying, ‘I have married the right or wrong person,’ Rightpath helps couples realize, ‘I have married a person who is good, and whose personality has strengths and weaknesses that are unique, like mine.’ This enhanced understanding opens the door for a relatable and focused dialogue within the relationship.

“Our research has shown that 69% of relationship conflict is about perpetual problems. All couples have them — these problems are grounded in the fundamental differences that any two people face. They are either 1) fundamental differences in your personalities that repeatedly create conflict, or 2) fundamental differences in your lifestyle needs. In our research, we concluded that instead of solving their perpetual problems, what seems to be important is whether or not a couple can establish a dialogue about them. If they cannot establish such a dialogue, the conflict becomes gridlocked, and gridlocked conflict eventually leads to emotional disengagement.” Dr. John Gottman - marriage expert

Ready to sign up?

If you would like to Rightpath your Relationship, please fill out this form providing accurate contact information. Micah (primary researcher) will contact you within a couple of days for additional information.

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Here are comments from a few couples who went through our pilot group.
I have known my spouse for a very long time but this gives us a new awareness and knowledge of who I am and who my spouse is and how to better relate to them.

I wish everyone could go through this.

I thought I was not good enough for my spouse but really I am awesome and so is my spouse.

I love personality assessments and have been through a lot in order to learn more about myself. Rightpath is unlike any other because of the depth and explanation it goes in in describing my natural behavioral tendencies. It got my interest but I came away with so much more than I thought I knew about myself and my spouse.