Your input is important to us...

Problems having to do with sexual desire are the most common sexual issue brought to marriage counselors and sex therapists. We continue to work to understand them so we can better help couples who are struggling.

Continuing in this theme, we are conducting a couples survey related to sexual desire. This survey builds on Dr. Sytsma’s doctoral dissertation and expands on it in important ways.

We need your help.

We need as many couples as possible to complete the survey. The survey is:

  • Confidential – no way for us to know who completed the survey.
  • Short – SurveyMonkey estimates it will take 17 minutes to complete.
  • Important – your responses will help us further understand sexual desire in married couples.

Any married couple is welcome to take the survey. 

Please complete the survey on your own (without discussing it with your spouse). Once you have completed the survey, please bug your spouse to complete it also. The richest information will come from couples.

Please help us collect as many responses as possible by sharing this page in your social networks. Feel free to use the links below or just copy and paste this url: 

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