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Reading Out Loud together…

One of the top exercises I recommend to couples wanting to heal or enrich sexual intimacy in their marriage is to read a book on marital sexuality together.

For maximum benefit, follow these guidelines:

  1. Choose a time when you can be alone and undisturbed. You need a private setting where children or others will not overhear you.
  2. Pick a comfortable place. I highly recommend you read in bed.
  3. Read out loud to each other. Take turns doing the reading with each of you reading a couple paragraphs or a section of the text.
  4. Pause often to discuss what you are reading.
    • Do you agree with what the author said? Do you think it is accurate?
    • Does it describe you or your spouse? How are you different or wish you (or your spouse) were different?
    • Is this something you would like to address in your marriage?
  5. Make sure you try any exercises or discussion questions listed in the book.

To get you started, I recommend the books listed on this page for your consideration. These are excellent resources on marital sexuality written from a Christian perspective. They are also quite accurate lacking some of the sexual mythology present in many Christian books on sex.

(Note: Purchasing through the link provided does give BIM a modest referral payment. Thanks for your support.)

The Married Guys Guide to Great Sex

by Cliff & Joyce Penner (2017)

While targeted for men, this is my favorite book for most couples to read out loud together. The authors bring about 70 years of helping couples with their sex lives to this great book.

Enjoy! The Gift of Sexual Pleasure for Women

by Cliff & Joyce Penner (2017)

The newest book by the Penners, Enjoy! is designed to help women claim their own pleasure during the sexual act. A great book for her that can create great discussion when read as a couple.

A Celebration of Sex

by Douglas Rosenau (2002)

A great manual for couples. The first few chapters cover the basics with the balance of the book containing chapters that address how to overcome common sexual problems couples experience.

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

by William Cutrer & Sandra Glahn (2007)

In it’s third edition, Dr. Cutrer (GYN/theologian) and Sandra Glahn have written a medically and biblically accurate book that covers all the bases about sex in marriage with a sensitivity and frankness that every married couple will appreciate.

When Two Become One

by Christopher & Rachel McCluskey (2006)

This short, easy to read book focuses on the spirit of the act. Couples learn a sexual language, are introduced to the Lovemaking Cycle©, and are invited to sort through discussion questions.

Intended for Pleasure

by Ed Wheat M.D. (2010)

Easy to read, medically accurate, and conservative in approach, this is a classic in it’s fourth edition.

Secrets of Eve

by Hart, Weber & Taylor (2004)

A report on what 2000 Christian women had to say about their sexuality, this is a great book for couples to read together to explore female sexuality. Only available in paperback.

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