We just attended the Passionate Intimacy Workshop 2 weeks ago and my husband was responsible for planning the first fun date. He did such a great job, considering it revolved around sports (not my favorite thing)!

He arranged the babysitting for all day so we could drive from Charlotte to Raleigh to see his favorite basketball team. He had printed out “25 Couples’ Conversation Starter Questions” he found online. This helped pass the time in the car and brough up some great stories we had never told each other!

We arrived in Raleigh early and he had already researched a specialty linen shop since I really wanted new bedding…very thoughtful.

The best part was the activity he planned for during the basketball game! He gave me a list of 10 different scenarios that could possibly happen during the game (for example: State wins, this player scores more than 13 points, that player has at least 2 rebounds, etc.). On the bottom of the page, he had created a list of 14 things (some with customizable fill-in-the-blanks) that he thought I might enjoy as prizes. I got to assign one prize to each possible scenario, and if it happened I got the reward! He even had the players’ stats printed on the next page so I could understand my odds! This was so creative..and you better believe I watched every second of that game!

We both had an excellent time and I won the following: He will powerwash the outside of the house, come home early one day so I can get a massage, make my favorite dinner on any night I choose, and when we participate in the zip line/ropes course on our upcoming vacation, he is not allowed to complain!

This was the best date we have had in a LONG time! Thanks so much!