Online Session Tips

Scroll to read tips for a successful online session with your counselor.  Or click through to go directly to your online session.

Online Session Tips

Scroll to read tips for a successful online session with your counselor.  Or click through to go directly to your online session.

Building Intimate Marriages is dedicated to providing you with quality care both in our office and online. You may be curious about how to navigate the unique differences of your online counseling experience. We invite you to read through the following tips to maximizing the quality of your session.

Create a therapeutic space

We work hard to create an office environment conducive to counseling. To maximize your counseling time, we recommend you prep a bit beforehand to create a private counseling space for yourself where you can be comfortable while we talk.

Find somewhere you cannot be overheard

If you are concerned you might be overheard, you won’t be as free to talk. There could be unintended consequences to yourself or others if your online session is somehow overheard.

Eliminate distractions

Children, pets, family members, TV, ringing phones, text messages, and a host of other things can easily distract us from counseling.

Set up your space

Find a comfortable seat where you can sit for an hour, but isn’t where you typically relax. Good lighting that illuminates your face but doesn’t shine directly into the camera is helpful. Maybe light a candle or establish a ritual that reminds you that you are in therapy.

Now work hard to protect that space during your session. This will allow you to be in the internal space needed to have a great session.

Car Therapy? Absolutely!

Your car might be a good place to consider. You can be alone, comfy, and even park someplace where you receive good signal strength. While it should go without saying, please be fully parked and away from distractions.

Prepare your device

The software we use works on any device that can load a web page and access a camera and microphone.

Ensure the fastest internet speed possible

Live video streaming takes a good deal of bandwidth. For some, using cellular is faster than WiFi. Plugging into your router will always give you the fastest option. (See below for testing.)

Shut down background processes

Close other applications or restart your device to free up as much processing power as possible to your device for your session.

Make sure your camera and microphone works.

Headphones Heart Shape

Use a Headset

Using a headset will dramatically improve the sound of the session. Whenever possible, please use a headset, earbuds, or something that is designed to eliminate feedback, echos, and background noise.

Connect to our online office

About 30 minutes prior to your appointment, our online system, Jane, will send you a reminder email that contains the link to your session. Click on this email and use the link provided to enter our online waiting room.

Note: if you are using a phone or tablet, you may also be prompted to download the Jane app, so allow a 5-minute cushion of time.

Read through the tips and consent statements then click the button to enter the session.

If you are attending session with a spouse from a different location, they should have received a copy of the same link that will allow them to join as well.

Your counselor will arrive within 10 Minutes of your scheduled time. Sessions are 45-50 minutes in length.

Take a few minutes to prepare for your session

Thoughtful man preparing for counseling

You are now in our online waiting room. Please do not exit or refresh your screen unless absolutely necessary. (If you do, you’ll need to repeat the steps to return to the online waiting room.) Your counselor will be notified you are waiting and add you to the secure web chat when he or she is able.

Spend a few minutes centering yourself and thinking about how you would like to use the session.

Couples therapy online is surprisingly simple. If both partners are in the same place, please arrange your webcam so that both of you are comfortably in the frame. Be considerate about your partner’s preferences for lighting, sound, and privacy so that you both are at ease.

If both partners are not in the same place, you will both need to open the link from your own device at your appointment time. Your counselor will see each of you in the waiting room and add you both to the same secure online session. Everyone will be able to participate in the counseling session simultaneously.

Couple attending online counseling session
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