Marriage Counseling in Atlanta, GA

Relationships can be tough. However, putting time and effort into your relationships with therapy can help. Our marriage counselors are specially trained to support and care for your relationship. Here, we believe that your relationship is worth it.

Marriage Counseling

Therapy that focuses on an intimate couple relationship is also called “couples counseling” or “couples therapy.” Mot importantly, the primary goal is to assess and help the relationship to grow stronger. Typically, the relationship is seen as the “client,” in which individuals are challenged to grow. This is intended to help the relationship get stronger. Our marriage counselors are trained in theories, techniques, and methods. These are designed to help assess and bring about healthy changes in relationships and the individuals in them.

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Marriage Counseling
isn’t just for couples in crisis.

At our Suwanee, GA located therapy practice, we work with couples for many reasons. For example, we work with:

  • people seeking to grow great marriages
  • couples struggling with sexual issues
  • partners struggling to keep their marriage alive
  • relationships in crisis due to affairs, addiction, separation, etc.
  • couples who have already divorced and want to explore reconciliation

What a typical couples session looks like

In counseling sessions, we create an environment of no expectations. This is to help you (and your partner) begin to discuss difficult topics. Of course, no two individuals or couples are exactly alike. Our team knows that. We are sensitive to helping you define what is “satisfying” for you. As a result, you may start to notice changes after a few sessions. On the other hand, it may take many sessions to notice changes. Either way, it is important to know that this gift takes time and dedication to develop.

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Who should seek
Marriage Counseling

Do you feel “stuck,” frustrated, or confused? Those feeling anything other than satisfied with their relationship can benefit from marriage counseling. However, individuals and couples often avoid counseling due to unknown expectations. So, we want to meet with you to discuss these concerns. Then, we’ll assess how our therapists can help.

Issues typically addressed in Marriage Counseling

  • Parenting Issues
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Addiction
  • Finance/money issues
  • Trust and forgiveness

Marriage Counseling works!

Research shows couples therapy positively impacts 70% of couples in treatment. Additionally, marriage counseling has been shown to be effective in treating many emotional issues. This includes depression, anxiety, addictions, and children’s disorders.

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Your relationship is worth it!

Let us show you how easy it is to get started!

Start Marriage Counseling in Atlanta, GA

Our team understands the pressure you’re feeling to get your relationship to a solid place. Let us work with you and your partner to make that a reality. Getting started with marriage counseling at our Atlanta, GA area therapy practice is simple. Plus, with online therapy in Georgia, you get the chance to squeeze in sessions when it works for you.

  1. Schedule your first therapy visit here.
  2. Begin sessions with a caring couples therapist.
  3. Work on your marriage and find strength in your relationship once again.

Other Therapy Services at Building Intimate Marriages

We know that relationships can struggle in multiple areas. So, whether you are looking to work on your relationship or find other options, we can help. Outside of marriage counseling, our therapy practice in Suwanee, GA also provides premarital counseling and sex therapy. Additionally, for those thinking about separation, we have affair recovery, discernment counseling, and divorce counseling. Further, our team hosts intimacy workshops and seminars to help you reignite the passion you crave. Our team of skilled therapists are here to help you heal from hurt and see your relationship thrive.

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