Divorce Counseling in Atlanta, GA

This type of counseling helps couples end the lover, friend, spousal relationship on a good note.

What is Divorce Counseling?

Divorce counseling helps couples end the lover, friend, spousal relationship well. Often, this also strengthens the co-parenting relationship. When a married couple finds it is time for their relationship to end, there are benefits to meeting with a divorce counselor.

In counseling, we want to help end the marriage without destroying everything you have built together. Our therapists can provide a moderated place to sort through what it means to change the relationship boundaries. It also guides the couple in healing and closure for wounds that occurred during the marriage. Additionally, the typical course of this type of counseling is short term (less than 6 sessions).

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Why is Divorce Counseling valuable?

If the couple divorcing was able to work together as a team, they would likely be pursuing marriage counseling. Unfortunately, and for a variety of reasons, they are not. Yet, they have a relationship they have built, assets they have accrued, and possibly children and a family they have built.

What topics are covered in Divorce Counseling?

While each couple brings unique issues that alter the focus of counseling, typical topics covered include:

  • Bringing closure to old wounds.
  • Envisioning the future.
  • What topics are appropriate to discuss and which topics are now “off the table” in the relationship.
  • What it means to end the lover relationship.
  • Establishing effective co-parenting patterns, boundaries, and communication.
  • Expectations for roles in the larger community – in-laws, friends, church, etc.

How is divorce counseling different from divorce mediation or court-ordered divorce parenting classes?

Divorce mediation is a guided way to sort through dividing assets and parenting responsibilities. This is as opposed to having attorneys battle it out or the court decide. Further, divorce counseling may touch on these issues, but it is much broader. In fact, the focus is on the dissolution of the marital relationship, and then what that couple relationship looks like moving forward.
Parenting classes will “educate the parties to domestic relations actions in regard to the effects of divorce on minor children of the marriage.” This is according to Georgia law (GA Court Rule 28.4). Divorce counseling goes beyond educating parents to guiding them in how to address co-parenting. It is personalized counseling, not just general education. Depending on the court, many couples have submitted verification of Divorce Counseling to fulfill court requirements. (Check with your attorney).

Is this a sneaky way to get couples into Marriage Counseling?

No. We believe in honesty and in fighting for what our clients hire us for. If you choose divorce counseling, that is the goal and the approach of our counselors.

Occasionally, while going through divorce counseling, a couple learns they can work together and shifts to marriage counseling. But this is not typical and not the goal. Marriage counseling offers a very different approach.

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