Affair Counseling

Our counselors are specifically trained and have years of experience helping couples heal from affairs.

What is Affair Counseling?

Affair counseling helps spouses restabilize after one (or both) have been unfaithful in the relationship. While the goal is typically to restore and heal the marriage, sometimes the goal is to assess whether the marriage should or can continue. Occasionally, the couple knows they do not want the marriage to continue but need to heal from the affair enough that they can be good co-parents. Whatever the goal, affair counseling is counseling that helps recover from the trauma of an affair (or multiple affairs).

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What happens in Affair Counseling?

Our strong preference is for the couple to attend the first session together. This allows the couple to tell the story and meet the counselor together. It also allows the counselor to hear how the couple tells the story of the affair as a couple and assess the marriage relationship. The next couple sessions the counselor will meet individually with each spouse to hear each spouse’s unique story of the affair(s). The fourth session is together as the counselor provides an assessment and treatment plan for achieving the couple’s goals. Depending upon the goals, most sessions after that are together as the counselor guides them to healing and restoration. Because affair counseling is trauma work, it typically takes many weeks to months for healing to occur. In the beginning, this is typically weekly but spreads out as the healing progresses.

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Are affairs common?

Many couples argue about what constitutes an affair or infidelity (i.e., is an emotional relationship without physical touch an affair?) . While both terms “affair” and “infidelity” can be broad, current GSS Data shows that roughly 1 in 5 men and women have sex with someone other than their wife during marriage (slightly lower for women). This results in trauma to a significant number of marriages. No matter how many couples actually experience affairs, our counselors’ caseloads tend to have a high percentage of affair recovery so we know how to help.

Does Affair Counseling work?

Following our protocol, most couples heal from the affair to have strong marriages. They learn the skills and attitudes required to heal, fight for, and preserve the marriage. For others, affair counseling helps them see the marriage relationship is wounded beyond repair or otherwise unsustainable. For those couples, affair counseling helps them to establish a path of successful healing for each spouse as individuals. So, although the goal may be slightly different for different couples and individuals, affair counseling is typically very effective in helping you achieve your goal.

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