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We have a great group of professional counselors, therapists, and support staff who are dedicated to assisting you. We invite you to come meet us.

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Intimacy after Babies – Wire Talk Episode 131

Dr Mike was interviewed for the wildly popular Wire Talk podcast. Wire Talk is the podcast of Birds on a Wire ministry of Karen Stubbs. This group is about serving moms and they do it well. Dr. Mike has been honored to be a speaker at their last couple of SOAR...

Dr. Mike on The Savvy Sauce Podcast

Dr Mike was interviewed for the new podcast The Savvy Sauce. The topic? 10 Common Questions About Sex. I mean, what else would they ask him to talk about? We invite you to check out the podcast. Listen, and let us know what you think. Like it? You might want to...

Pornography and Culture with North Point Care

Dr Mike was interviewed by Ryan Gray for North Point Care on the subject of pornography and culture. While recorded for their care leaders, the video is available on YouTube. Check it out and let us know what you think. Part 2 was focused on Discipline and Discovery.


Our counselors and therapists are professionally trained to provide a high level of care.

Marriage Counseling

While over 70% of counselors say they provide couples counseling, only 11% have specific training in providing help for couple issues. Our counselors are specially trained in providing a high level of care. Your marriage is worth it.

Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling is a research based approach to helping couples where one (or both) of you are questioning the commitment to stay married and one (or both) of you aren’t sure you have the motivation to work hard in marriage counseling to fix your problems.

BEFORE Premarital Counseling

Be for your marriage by seeking guidance before the wedding. Our unique research based premarital program provides insight and tools designed to help you establish a strong foundation. For yourself or a couple you care about.

Group Therapy

Working on our issues in a small group of others who have similar issues while guided by professional counselors has proven to be highly effective for experiencing change for a number of issues – often more effective than individual or couples counseling. Come explore the many options we have for group therapy.

Sex Therapy

It can be difficult to find trusted help when we have questions, concerns, or problems with sexuality. Our counselors are specially trained to help you with your sexual concerns – desire, pain, frequency, function, identity, trauma…

Individual Counseling

Often we just need some guidance for ourselves. Whether it is divorce recovery, help with grief, struggling with identity, depression, anxiety or difficulty managing our thoughts or behavior. We’d love to help you find success in your journey.

Teaching to help you grow your marriage.

In addition to speaking for local groups, we also offer a couple standard workshops.

We invite you to contact us if you are looking for a speaker for a local event.

Try This at Home

Not yet ready for counseling but looking for ideas to improve your marriage? Give these exercises a try.