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Drive Time with M46 Dads – Marriage, Parenting, & Sexuality with Dr. Michael Sytsma

The team at M46 Dads – Tim Sexton & Kenny Dallas – invited Dr. Mike to be a guest on their podcast.

The mission of M46 DADS is to inspire and equip fathers to fight for the hearts of their children. We exist to provide HOPE and HELP to any man who desires to be a better dad! Our goal is to see men fully intentionally embrace their roles as the Providers, Protectors, and Priests of their homes!

Join in as M46 Dads ask Dr. Mike questions about raising kids in a sexually saturated culture. Listen in as we explore:

  • The importance of dads wrestling with their own sexual story.
  • Creating and watching for opportunities to have ongoing discussions with your children vs big talks.
  • Practical ideas for teaching your kids about sex and sexuality in healthy ways.
  • The importance of protecting our children while staying balanced.
  • Managing technology and helping prepare children for pornography exposure.
  • The critical importance of parents managing their own shame if they are going to engage in healthy conversations with their children about sexual topics.

This is an active discussion designed for dads but the principles are valid for any parent or caregiver.

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Listen to the Podcast Here

Marriage, Parenting, & Sexuality with Dr. Michael Sytsma 

Look for M46 – March 18, 2024


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