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Who Initiates Sexual Activity in Your Marriage?

One of the more common areas of sexual dissatisfaction I see in my office is in the area of initiating sexual activity. Complaints of who initiates, how often, and how lovemaking is initiated are common.

When She Has the Stronger Sex Drive; Part One

This article was written for my friend Shaunti Feldhahn's website - It is copied here but I recommend you also view it and the comments on her website. While there, sign up for her email list.  - Dr. Mike Conflict over sexual…
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Thoughts on Desire, Sin, Affairs and Being Deceived…

Some thoughts on desire, sin, affairs and being deceived while reading the book of James... About 70% of my therapy load involves post-affair couples. One, or both, of the spouses have had an affair and they are in my office, at least in…