Counseling Services

Helping couples and individuals strengthen their marriage and relationships.

Counseling Services

Helping couples and individuals strengthen their marriage and relationships.

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While many counseling centers specialize in every problem that might bring you to their office, we are highly focused on helping you be successful in the most intimate parts of your life – your marriage and family. Through our counseling, workshops & seminars, and Relationship Builder exercises, we can help you build stronger, more satisfying relationships.

Marriage Counseling

While over 70% of counselors say they provide couples counseling, only 11% have specific training in providing help for couple issues. Our counselors are specially trained in providing a high level of care.

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Be for your marriage by seeking guidance before the wedding. Our unique research based premarital program provides insight and tools designed to help you establish a strong foundation.

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It can be difficult to find trusted help when we have questions, concerns, or problems with sexuality. Our counselors are specially trained to help you with your sexual concerns – desire, pain, frequency, function, identity, trauma.

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Individual Counseling

Often we just need some guidance for ourselves. Whether it is divorce recovery, help with grief, struggling with identity, depression, anxiety or difficulty managing our thoughts or behavior. We’d love to help you find success in your journey.

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Discernment Counseling is a research based approach to helping couples where one (or both) of you are questioning the commitment to stay married and aren’t sure you have the motivation to work hard in marriage counseling to fix your problems.

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When your marriage has been rocked by infidelity, you need a skilled and experienced counselor to help you navigate the process. Our counselors are specifically trained and have years of experience helping couples heal from affairs.

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Ending a marriage can be a difficult task – especially if you want to end it well. Divorce counseling is designed to provide couples with the counsel needed to end the marriage and lover relationship well while strengthening any needed ties like co-parenting. Let us help you move forward.

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Teaching is a proven way to help couples grow and is one of our core services. We are proud to offer established workshops and talks or are happy to develop a custom product for your need.

Meet our Amazing Team

We have an awesome team and invite you to get to know us. Our Support Staff includes our Client Care Coordinator who works for you and Christy Christopher who coaches our staff. Our Clinical Staff has a depth of specialized training to help you with any relational or sexual issue.

New to Counseling?

The counseling process can seem unclear if you’ve never been before. Let us show you how easy it is to get started!

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