Relationship Builders

Improve your relationship at home.
No therapist required!

Designed by Building Intimate Marriages, our relationship builders are proven strategies you can try at home.  Each exercise is designed as an “improve your marriage” technique we use in our counseling office and workshops.  Jump in. Give it a try. Your marriage is worth it!

Strengthen your marriage

An improved twist on the classic couples date. This exercise helps rebuild the heart of a marriage relationship.

The most impactful exercise for any married couple. Couples who consistently (weekly) schedule a working date see an improvement in their marriage.

A classic BIM exercise where you play “hot potato” in doing things “just because you love them”.

Simple encouragement to make time for your marriage a priority.

Couple on couch looking at laptop
Learn to Communicate with Each Other

If you struggle to communicate effectively as a couple, this elearning course may be just what you need. While Dr. Mike has been trained by PREP, Inc., we are not otherwise affiliated with them. We do highly recommend going through this program as a couple then practicing the skills it teaches.

Get stuck? Give us a call for coaching you as a couple in the skills taught by PREP, Inc.

Grow physical intimacy in your marriage

Our first, and highest recommended exercise is to read an informational book out loud together and discuss it. Find out what and how here.

Developing a shared vision for sexuality in marriage is a valuable task for any couple. This worksheet from the Passionate Intimacy Workshop is designed to help.

Happy couple reading sexual language relationship builder

This is a more advanced exercise designed to help couples develop a sexual language within their marriage.

Brakes Accelerators

Our twist on a classic exercise that helps couples talk about their sexual relationship.

Your relationship is worth it!

If you’ve tried our Relationship Builder exercises and are still “stuck,” we can help.

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