Christian Family Life Podcast – An Interview with a Christian Sex Therapist

Roland and Tammy Martinez from Christian Family Life interviewed Dr. Sytsma for the Christian Family Life Podcast regarding the Secrets of Sex and Marriage book.

“This was a fun couple of podcasts in that we went deeper into the theology of sex than most podcasts do,” said Dr. Sytsma. While common questions were asked about the material in the book, Roland and Tammy kept the material focused on the some of the deeper meaning. As such, this podcast will be a bit different than many on this subject.

The discussion was broken into two podcasts.


Episode 1:

  • When it comes to sex…what’s normal? Sex therapist Dr. Michael Sytsma and Shaunti Feldhahn discuss research about drive, initiative, and other questions.



Episode 2:

  • Does one of you want more sex than the other? Sex therapist Dr. Michael Sytsma offers ideas and insight to work through differences in sexual desire.