Passionate Intimacy Workshop

Enriching sexual intimacy in married couples

Many married couples struggle with creating the intimacy they desire – especially sexual intimacy. The truth is, God has provided us with help. This workshop is designed to assist spouses with the understanding and skills needed to enjoy God’s design for physical and emotional closeness. We will do this with sound Biblical teaching, current research and a bit of laughter in a safe, comfortable atmosphere.

-Dr. Michael Sytsma

Upcoming PI Workshops

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Feb 19-21, 2021 - Winshape - Rome, GA

We schedule workshops when a local church or organization hosts them. Let us know if you would be interested in hosting a workshop.

 Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • A greater understanding of the beauty of God’s gift of sexuality
  • A sexual vocabulary that helps husbands and wives discuss sexual issues
  • God’s design for resolving sexual desire conflicts in marriage
  • Creative heart honoring ways to initiate intimacy with their spouse
  • What’s “normal” in sexual response and activity
  • How to determine what’s sexually acceptable for Christian couples
  • The critical role of emotional and spiritual intimacy for healthy physical intimacy

Friday Evening Schedule – 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • Making Love
  • Setting the Atmosphere for Passionate Intimacy

Dinner Date
This is a couple date on your own. Couples will be given an assignment and sent to dinner. Couples will choose a place for dinner in the area and complete their assignment over dinner.

After Dinner
Couple time on your own. We strongly encourage couples to reserve a room at a hotel in the area. This gives couples time to relax away from home, talk about the assignments and be well rested for Saturday.

Saturday Schedule 9:00am – 4:00pm

  • The Heart of Sex from Scripture
  • “I want you to want me…” – Sexual Desire in marriage
  • Initiating Sexual activity

Lunch Break
This is a couple date on your own. Couples will be given an assignment and sent to lunch at a local establishment of their choice.

  • How to really Arouse your spouse
  • Reaching the Apex
  • Basking in the Afterglow
  • Ask Dr. Mike

“Ask Dr. Mike” is one of the most popular sections of the workshop as participants annonymously ask Dr. Mike any question they have on sex.

Home to apply – 4:00pm

*Note that the schedule changes from workshop to workshop based on the individual location but this schedule will give you an idea of what Dr. Mike generally tries for.

This is a truly unique workshop that combines Dr. Mike’s:

– Pastoral heart
– Theological training
– 20+ years of clinical training and experience
– Study of the latest research in sexology and marital sex

All couples receive...

  • workbook for each spouse
  • exercise handouts

Passionate Intimacy Workshop Online

Can’t attend? No workshop scheduled when or where convenient to you?

Consider the online workshop. Watch in the privacy of your home.

We recently video taped one of the live workshops and have it online for you to stream. You can purchase the entire workshop (highly recommended) or individual talks. Once purchased, you can view them at your own convenience as many times as you would like.