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Your Move

It’s been a long war. In the beginning, daily routines were managed with a fair amount of civility, and the pretenses could be maintained amidst family and friends. Eventually, as things heated up, there no longer existed a moment of peace between them. Now, every interaction is steeped with criticism, contempt, and defensiveness. They both […]

Thoughts on Addiction and Pornography

I have a friend who has a little habit. He begins every morning indulging in its pleasures before heading to work. He jokes he cannot start his day without it. Frequently, he goes to specialty shops to spice things up and experience a little variety. When he is feeling stressed he does it more often. […]

Spiritual Sex

Can Sex be a Spiritual Experience? More often than not, spiritual practices are kept separate from our sexual life. Even when sex is acknowledged as a very good gift from God, rarely is it also seen as a spiritual experience. We accept that God approves of sex, but, for most of us, being deeply conscious […]

Igniting the Spark of Sexual Passion

They are best friends and great parents. It is clear they love each other deeply. Still, they are confused at their lack of sexual energy. Their sexual encounters are routine and mechanical. They find themselves more as good roommates than passionate lovers. And they want to reignite the spark of sexual energy in their marriage. […]

Eros Toward the World

It is not difficult to see the many divisions that exist in the world and the pain caused by such discord. For example, many recent events have reminded us that race relations are not yet healed in our nation. As Christians, we are aware that we can find oneness and unity in Christ (Galatians 3:26-28). […]


Empower Your Marriage with Grace

It can be difficult to know how to respond when our spouse’s actions negatively affect us. We want to be gracious people, as God has been gracious to us, but we also don’t want our grace to be taken advantage of and used as an excuse for our spouse to continue sinning. How do we […]