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“My Spouse Doesn’t Want Me”: Differences in Sexual Desire

Day 2 broadcast Dave and Ann Wilson hosted Dr. Sytsma and Shaunti Feldhan on the popular Familylife Today program for day 2. The focus was on information from the new book, Secrets of Sex and Marriage. Topics discussed included the different types of desire (initiating, receptive, resistant), scheduling sex, saying “no”, and initiating sex. This […]


Smart Family Podcast: Secrets of Sex and Marriage

Dr. Sytsma was a return guest on the February 8, 2023 episode of the Smart Family Podcast. Hosted by Toni Nieuwhof (lawyer/pharmacist) and Rob Meeder (pediatrician), the Smart Family Podcast is a wealth of great family information. Dr. Sytsma was the guest on Episode #3 – Keeping Your Sex Life Strong When Your Kids Are Young; Honest Communication Helps […]


Every Couple has a Sexual Dance – Java with Julie Podcast

“Yesterday I heard an interview with Michael Sytsma on the podcast, Java with Juli, and was blown away. He profoundly explained everything I see to be true of marriage and sex and spoke with such God-given wisdom and authority.” (podcast listener) Juli Slattery from Authentic Intimacy caught up with Dr. Sytsma at Winshape Retreat for […]

How Marriage Counseling Can Help Marriages that are not in Crisis: Advice from a marriage counselor in Atlanta, GA

by Sadé Ferrier, LMFT Marriage counseling is often considered to be the last resort, the last-ditch effort to save a relationship that is on its last legs. This perspective may have some believing that counseling doesn’t work, while others are so disconnected from their partner that they aren’t willing to fully engage with the process. […]