Java with Julie Podcast 406 - Every Couple has a Sexual Dance - sexual desire and the heart of sex

Every Couple has a Sexual Dance – Java with Julie Podcast

"Yesterday I heard an interview with Michael Sytsma on the podcast, Java with Juli, and was blown away. He profoundly explained everything I see to be true of marriage and sex and spoke with such God-given wisdom and authority." (podcast listener) Julie…
Family Life Blended
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Dancing in the Bedroom: When One of You Wants Sex More Than the Other Podcast

Ron Deal, Director of Family Life Blended at FamilyLife, sat down with Dr. Sytsma at a recent conference to discuss sexual desire in marriage. Specifically, they discussed when one bids for sexual connection more than the other. Airing on…
Smart Family Podcast
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Smartfamily Podcast on staying intimate after kids

Dr Mike was interviewed for the Smartfamily podcast on the subject of keeping your sex life strong when you have young kids. The Smartfamily Podcast hosted by family attorney Toni Nieuwhof and pediatrician Rob Meeder. Join us for this conversation. Listen…
Photo of an intimate couple's legs entertwined in bed with the Wire Talk Logo and the title of this episode "Intimacy After Babies with Special Guest Dr. Mike Sytsma"
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Intimacy after Babies – Wire Talk Episode 131

Dr. Mike was interviewed for the wildly popular Wire Talk podcast. Wire Talk is the podcast of Birds on a Wire ministry of Karen Stubbs. This group is about serving moms and they do it well. Dr. Mike has been honored to be a speaker at their…
Photo of Dr. Michael Sytsma with the episode information for his interview on the Savvy Sauce podcast where he discussed 10 common questions about sex.
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Dr. Mike on The Savvy Sauce Podcast

Dr Mike was interviewed for the new podcast The Savvy Sauce. The topic? 10 Common Questions About Sex. I mean, what else would they ask him to talk about? We invite you to check out the podcast. Listen, and let us know what you think. Like…
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Sexual Intimacy & Post Affair – Lifegiver Podcast

The Lifegiver podcast aims to be a positive place where military (and first responder) couples can experience positive clinical advice on topics that are unique to their culture as well as high quality uplifting interviews from others who have…